Gloryhole Fantasies

I am truly a submissive slut. I have this deep desire to be used for other's pleasure with no regard for my own. To be simply an object of lust, a sex object, a sex toy, cumslut, cocksucker, whore. I have HOT fantasies of dressing sexy and slutty, a tiny plaid schoolgirl skirt, satin corset, knee high vinyl boots, and a vinyl collar. Then going to an adult bookstore, entering one of the booths with a gloryhole on both sides, and sucking one cock after the other, never seeing who I am serving, then the door opens while I am busy at the hole. I don't look up, rather I just continue servicing the cock in front of me. I feel this visitor groping my body, feeling my satin pantied ass. Roughly squeezing my ass cheek. Pulling my panties aside and fingering my well lubed ass, as the cock in my mouth cums I pull off to watch it shoot all over me. The fingers pull out and I am greeted with a cock in my face. Without looking up I put it in my mouth. His hand grabs the back of my head. This is new, I have never had this, without the hole. I look up with doe eyes as he shoves my head all the way down his cock. After fucking my mouth for several minutes he pulls out and turns me around to the other hole where a cock is waiting for me. I get to work instantly and feel him slide his huge cock in my tiny ass. It stretches, and hurts but feels SO good I start leak cum in my panties. I suck a couple more cocks while he is thoroughly fucking my sissy ass, then he cums all over my panties and skirt. Wordlessly he zips up and walks out. As I am feeling horny and empty I don't have to wait long, seconds later I feel another cock stuffed in my ass. My night continues like this, with a line of cocks at the gloryhole and a line of cocks for my ass. I suck and fuck until my jaw hurts, my ass is sore and I am covered in in cum, dripping from my ass, in my hair, everywhere. Used.

Some of my fashion taste! I WANT!

Off-the-shoulder Tee
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Beaded denim shorts
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quilted stam bag
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Maybe Tgirls are better than real girls!

1. The things that some real girls don't like as much, such as anal, giving head, wearing slutty lingerie, those are the thing Tgirls LOVE.
2. Tgirls know what to do with a cock.
3. Tgirls don't mind if you want to invite a friend.
4. Tgirls don't mind if you flirt with girls.
5. Tgirls don't have an "Aunt Flow" or a "Time of the Month"
6. Tgirls like to watch guy movies.
More to come I'm sure. Any suggestions?

Panty Scavenger Hunt!

So I decided to hide a small stash of panties in one of the boy's bathrooms at Lane Community College. If you find them, I will wear them for you while I reward you! You will know they are mine because I wrote my name on a pair. ;)