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I love this vid, if you look closely my pic is in it!

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Sissy Swallow New Sissy Ass Trainer Anal Sissy Slut Hypnotic Training I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! I suppose I could give you a bit of an update. I now wear panties 24/7 and wear nothing but girls jeans and have developed quite the androgynous look. People no longer look at me like a man, or treat me like one. I'm just a sissy to them. Beware, if you keep watching these you will end up nothing but a sissy slut cum dump. Kisses, Heather

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Black Owned Sissy Trainer from Emma Nice via AnnaMalice Hope you enjoy!

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Missy Key's Home Made Panties!

I LOOOVE her panties, especially this pair. I don't generally gush like this, but I really do love her lingerie. It is made especially for us sissys, so it accommodates our naughty bits better than Victoria's Secret. I hope you fall in love with her stuff to! Kisses, Heather

I love Tumblr!

Ok sorry I haven't been posting much here. I'm a busy girl and have lately become addicted to Tumblr. It's like blogs for people with ADD. Here is mine
Check it out. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;)

For Sissies.

So much cum! I love this one. It combines a nice combination of audio with visuals of cum... lots of cum. Hope you enjoy!

Pic of my jewel butt plug in my sissy ass as promised

Ok, so I really need to find my good camera, cause without a timer or a photographer it is nearly impossible to take a picture of your own butthole. But here it is! There will be more to come! I had lots of fun with it. I'm still wearing it. It shifts around when you walk and makes you want to put a girlish little wiggle in your hips.


Just got my Jeweled Butt Plug! SOOOO EXCITED!!

So I found it for a good price on ebay

It is SOOOO HOT. I love it. It's in my ass right now. I'm sitting on it, and I can certainly feel it's presence but it's totally comfortable. I'm going to wear it all the time! Tomorrow there will be a pic right here of it in my little butt!

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Sissy Mind Breaker
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