Addicted to Cum?! You will be. Hypnotic Sissy Cumslut Training

I found some new sissification hypnosis videos for you all. I want to be addicted to cum. I want to eat my own cum. I want to be a cumslut sucking cocks and getting gang fucked. I don't know why I'm not. Perhaps I need more than just videos and desire. Maybe I need a Domme, or a Dominant Couple to serve. Someone to bring out the sissy in me.

Sissy Slut My Cum Addiction
Sissy Slut My Ultimate Fantasy

Sissy Slut Nice Hypno Video
Sissy Slut Boys Boys Boys
Sissy Slut Another cocksuck trainer

Slut trainer

Two Big Black Cock and Cum Sissy Trainer

I found these on Anna Malice's blog. I was digging deep in the archives looking for something new, or at least new to me. I got the cutest new panties and am feeling so girly and submissive I needed this! I hope you enjoy as much as I did.


BBC Sissy Trainer 1.0 by MichelleNY

BBC trainer by Cuckoldguynj

Black Owned Slut Trainer I


I LOVE IT! This is my NEW FAVORITE. I must find black cock to serve.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You love Black Cock. Hypnotic Training For Sissy Sluts

I found yet another training video. I love the voice that goes with this one. The video isn't the greatest, but its good with the volume up. I h

This is another from the same place, again, only good with the volume up.


Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer

I found yet another hypno sissy slut training vid for you all! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. These truly bring out the inner slut in me. I envy the beautiful tgirl bimbos with big breasts and tiny waists, long beautiful hair, surgically altered to be as femme as possible. That I think is the big step I need in my feminization training. I need surgery especially breasts, laser hair removal and a personal trainer to sculpt my body into a sexy bimbo slut.
Sissy Black Cock Submission trainer
Hypnotic Sissy Slut Training has become my preoccupation. I think it is working. Perhaps too well. I find myself thinking about cock more and more. Craving to be used like a little Sissy Slut Slave, Fuckdoll, Cumslut, Cock Worshipper, Anal Whore for Black Cock and Cum. I CRAVE more videos. I watch the ones I have over and over, and seek more. Finally I have found what I have been seeking. Anna Malice's blog has several, and links to still others. I will to try to compile as many as I can here for both your convenience and mine!

Sissy Hypnosis
Black Cock Addiction
Sissification Hypnotic Sissy Training 

Cocksucker Hypnosis
Cumslut Sissy Little Girl Cum Drinking Training. LEARN TO LOVE CUM!
Hooker Stripper Whore Induction

I ESPECIALLY love the videos by Felicia Lightner! She OWNS me. Her videos combine great audio with hypnotic visuals, truly programming me to be a mindless cock sucking bimbo!

Prepare Ass
Anal Self Hypnosis
Ass Trainer
Anal Whore
Ass Fucking Induction
You Like To be Fucked In The Ass
Fuck Me Now
How I Want It
Cum Craving Self Hypnosis
Ass Trainer III
Ass Trainer I
Bimbotization 2
Bimbo Hypnosis
Summer Bimbotization by Bimbo Barbie
Cock Worship
BBC Big Black Cock Sucking Trainer
Hypnosis Training for Limp Clitties by- W.H.
Sissy Whore Training in Black and White
Tranny Slut Training
TS Long Hypno
Cum Trainer
Slut Trainer by Veronika
Black Cock Wishes

 I think I need to be taken to an adult theater and used by a group of men to complete my training. Sucking and fucking every random stranger who wants to use me for their pleasure. What do you think?

More Black Cock Training for Sissy Sluts!

I came across these on an interracial blog and thought they were pretty hot. They are new, my old BBC trainer is great, and I love it, but I LOVE variety. ;) Spice of life and all ya know. I'm actually scared, I think they REALLY are working. I find myself thinking about being used like a little sissy slut fucktoy by a bunch of big black studs when I should be doing homework. My cock gets hard, my little pink panties get wet, and I have to do SOMETHING just so I can get back to school work. I am truly becoming nothing more than a cumdumpster fuckslut. I just really need some hands on training. I have this recurring fantasy where I get all dolled up, go to an adult bookstore to suck some cock through a gloryhole, and after a couple of cocks a HUGE black cock comes through the hole, I can barely wrap my lips around it, let alone get it in my mouth. I BEG him please fuck my little sissy ass! So he comes into my booth and wastes no time pulling my pink satin thong aside and tearing my little ass apart with his huge cock, while he is fucking the shit out of me more cocks come through the glory hole and I suck each one while he continues to fuck me for SO long. Finally when he is done he doesn't leave. He just stands there and opens the door, and lets a line of men enter to fuck me next. I didn't expect this place to be this busy, or me to be this popular! I suck and suck while my ass is fucked raw. The spot where I am standing is sticky with the cum that has run out of my ass, my thighs are sticky, I have cum a half dozen times in my panties. I have lost track of how many men have used me, my black stud just stood and watched the whole time, taking videos and pictures with his phone. Finally when the last cock has used me, when I am so cumsoaked and used that no one wants me, my legs are trembling, my ass and jaw ache, he wordlessly grabs my purse, and takes me by the arm and leads me to his car. I don't question it, I am so exhausted, I am so submissive, I am his to do what he wants with..... There is more I will save it for another day. Meanwhile enjoy these sissy slut training videos.

Sissy Slut Training! I love it. I want to be hypnotized into a little bimbo cumslut

Sissy Slut: Anal and Oral Trainer: "Now this is hot!" ***For some reason the video is not working, but the link is.
I love Sissy Slut's blog, I love all the training videos! She has alot more, I suppose I could post some of them here. I really think the hypnosis videos are working. I am becoming more and more slutty!

Super Cute Pink Polka Dot Dress Carly Foulkes Wears in The T-Mobile Commercial

I absolutely LOVE this dress. It is SOOOOO cute. I want it SOOOOOOO bad. I would do anything for it. I have searched and searched and cannot find anything close to it. This is the Pink Polkadot Dress from the T-Mobile My Touch 4G commercial. After a bit of searching I found out the hottie wearing the dress is Canadian actress Carly Foulkes. If you know where or how to find this dress PLEASE tell me!

I LOVE Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. I can't resist it. It lures me in. I may have a bit of a fetish.

I bought a couple pairs of super cute boyshorts. I wish they carried more thongs, sadly they are becoming less popular. I love these though, they are so comfy and silky. I'm a sucker for anything written on my ass too.
I could have spent a fortune at Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale, but I settled for a couple pairs of panties and a new bottle of Love Spell. My FAVORITE scent, followed closely by Pure Seduction. It occurs to me I have alot of panties I haven't modeled. Is there any interest out there in seeing me model all of my panty drawer? As you can imagine, with a fetish like mine, my drawer runeth over.