Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer

I found yet another hypno sissy slut training vid for you all! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. These truly bring out the inner slut in me. I envy the beautiful tgirl bimbos with big breasts and tiny waists, long beautiful hair, surgically altered to be as femme as possible. That I think is the big step I need in my feminization training. I need surgery especially breasts, laser hair removal and a personal trainer to sculpt my body into a sexy bimbo slut.
Sissy Black Cock Submission trainer
Hypnotic Sissy Slut Training has become my preoccupation. I think it is working. Perhaps too well. I find myself thinking about cock more and more. Craving to be used like a little Sissy Slut Slave, Fuckdoll, Cumslut, Cock Worshipper, Anal Whore for Black Cock and Cum. I CRAVE more videos. I watch the ones I have over and over, and seek more. Finally I have found what I have been seeking. Anna Malice's blog has several, and links to still others. I will to try to compile as many as I can here for both your convenience and mine!

Sissy Hypnosis
Black Cock Addiction
Sissification Hypnotic Sissy Training 

Cocksucker Hypnosis
Cumslut Sissy Little Girl Cum Drinking Training. LEARN TO LOVE CUM!
Hooker Stripper Whore Induction

I ESPECIALLY love the videos by Felicia Lightner! She OWNS me. Her videos combine great audio with hypnotic visuals, truly programming me to be a mindless cock sucking bimbo!

Prepare Ass
Anal Self Hypnosis
Ass Trainer
Anal Whore
Ass Fucking Induction
You Like To be Fucked In The Ass
Fuck Me Now
How I Want It
Cum Craving Self Hypnosis
Ass Trainer III
Ass Trainer I
Bimbotization 2
Bimbo Hypnosis
Summer Bimbotization by Bimbo Barbie
Cock Worship
BBC Big Black Cock Sucking Trainer
Hypnosis Training for Limp Clitties by- W.H.
Sissy Whore Training in Black and White
Tranny Slut Training
TS Long Hypno
Cum Trainer
Slut Trainer by Veronika
Black Cock Wishes

 I think I need to be taken to an adult theater and used by a group of men to complete my training. Sucking and fucking every random stranger who wants to use me for their pleasure. What do you think?